Photographer with the Walking Frame

Photographer with the Walking Frame

Disabled? Really? In some cases it is all in your head. Lukas is the best example of it. Of course, it is not easy, but possible. Thanks to his wife and passion to photography, HE CAN and he does. Look at his stunning pictures on instagram/wildlifesuperphotocam.

It is very easy to stay home, lie on the couch all day, watch TV and stay unproductive. Everyone can do that, it’s easy. Lukas is far away from that. His passion to photography is much stronger than his body limitations. This happened a while ago, when he saw other guy he knew going into wildlife photography. He felt in love in nature and that gave him a really good reason to smile again and have fun.

Since he went into wildlife, quite a few things changed. He keeps photographing with his photo buddy (another Lucas) quite often now and also met lots of other wildlife photographers. It looks like there is many more wildlife photographers and enthusiasts around. Totally different world. Friendly, quiet, with plenty of fun stories and… waiting, waiting and once again waiting. Wildlife photography is just a waiting game. In some cases you have to “chase” the action, in some cases action comes to you, but if you have other photographers around you, it is never boring, even in a cold days like we do have now in Northern Ireland.

What is the biggest difference in wildlife photography and other types? All photographers are nice! They share their experience, stories, they talk! There is no rat race who gets better pic. It is just a human to human contact and a really well spend time together, even if you do not know each other or never met before.

Both Lucas and Lukas were talking about running a “Photographer with the Walking Frame” series. Here it is! The first post about that. Now we are in a process of organising a meeting (coffee, story telling) for bigger “wildlife crazy” crowd.